Spiral staircase BORDEAUX

A very elegant spiral staircase, named after the French city of Bordeaux. With a diameter of only 122cm (4′) the staircase is an ideal solution for areas where space is limited. The staircase is (only) available turning anti-clockwise.

As the treads are perforated, allowing water to fall through, the staircase is an ideal solution for outdoor situations.

The Bordeaux staircase is also available as a straight staircase in three different widths.


Riser height

: 122cm
: 20.5cm
: 18kg per tread

Available configurations:
1. Anti-clockwise with a rotation speed of 25.71 degrees per tread

Quote request

I would like to receice a quote for a * model staircase for a total height (between two finished floors) of cm.