Spiral staircase DIJON

It was around 1890 that the famous French art foundry Val d'Osne launched the production of this staircase. Val d’Osne was a world known famous art foundry founded in 1836 for manufacturing street furniture and decorative cast iron. The company quickly became the largest art cast iron maker in France with its headquarters and gallery in Paris.

On a regular basis, Val d'Osne was rewarded during several exhibitions. At the "Exposition des produits de l'industrie française" (French industry products exhibition) they received the silver medal in 1839 followed by a golden one in 1844 and 1845.

The foundry worked over the years with many important artists and became famous for its monumental fountains, animal groups, staircases, statues and large groups of cast iron, after antique or classic models.

The Dijon model (156cm / 5′ 1.41″) reflects in a magnificent way a spiral staircase in all its simplicity and pureness. To secure the space between the stair balusters, the staircase can be equipped with forged iron panels, which gives the staircase a more sophisticated look.

The staircase is also available as a straight staircase and can also be combined with straight treads to create a quarter-turn or half-turn staircase or any other special configuration.

Due to the success of the Dijon model staircase Villa d’Or also developed the Grand Dijon model staircase (200cm / 6’ 6.74”).


Riser height

: 131cm (4’ 3.6”)
: 20cm (7.9”)
: 33kg / 73 pounds (lbs) per tread

Available configurations:
1. Clockwise with a rotation speed of 18 degrees per tread
2. Anti-clockwise with a rotation speed of 18 degrees per tread

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