Spiral staircase MIRECOURT


A small, but very elegant spiral staircase, dating from 'La Belle Époque', around 1900. This Mirecourt staircase is richly decorated with ornated cast balusters, cap nuts and finial.

The original staircase was found and reclaimed in a French mansion in the village of Mirecourt in the French Vosges area. The mansion served as a violin workshop until 1956. In fact, Mirecourt is known for lacemaking and the manufacture of musical instruments, particularly those of the violin family.

The Mirecourt staircase is characterized by its small diameter of only 108cm. Ideal when it comes to save space to the maximum or to install where space is (very) limited. The Mirecourt staircase is available in three different configurations of which one is the Mirecourt de Luxe with a rich, ornate design in the tread.


Riser height
Rotation direction

: 108cm
: 19.5cm
: Clockwise and Anti-clockwise

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