Spiral staircase VERSAILLES

The Versailles spiral staircase is a silent witness of the work of the French art foundry E. Capitain-Gény & Cie, founded in 1875. In 1889, the factory obtained a medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, featuring monumental pieces and artworks.

It was in the backyard of an architect in Versailles where Villa d’Or found three steps (of which one was broken) and balusters covered with earth and mud. Just enough to redesign this beautiful staircase and bring it back to life.

With a diameter of 186cm (6′ 1.23″) the Versailles model belongs to the larger models in the Villa d'Or collection with a great level of comfort.


Riser height

: 131cm (4’ 3.6”)
: 20cm (7.9”)
: 33kg / 73 pounds (lbs) per tread

Available configurations:
1. Clockwise with a rotation speed of 21.17 degrees per tread
2. Anti-clockwise with a rotation speed of 21.17 degrees per tread

Quote request

I would like to receice a quote for a * model staircase for a total height (between two finished floors) of cm.